Clients: Get help now

Fast Website Support

2 Ways to Get In Touch:

  1. Chat with us in real-time through the chat widget in the bottom right corner.
  2. Start a ticket and we will get back to you via email shortly.

Why support tickets?

In order to get back to you the fastest, Jollity leverages a team. Our “ticketing” is better because:

  1. We’re a small team. There are 5 of us, most of us developers.
  2. It’s for current clients. We already know your preferences, your history, and your site’s quirks.
  3. We aren’t putting your email in some database that we later market to or sell (you’re a client so we already have your email anyways muahaha). It is just to get back to you.
  4. You still email, as do we. Our system removes the silo problem from email.

More about why we our client support system is awesome.

  • Support tickets do not go into the ether, we promise. We see and jump on them right away!

  • Please submit a screenshot of your problem, it would helps us identify the issue.

  • Drop files here or
    Accepted file types: pdf, png, jpg.